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Compared with mainstream medicine, herbalism and nutritional supplementation the importance of a massage with massage oils should not be overlooked. After all it has been shown in a study that cancer patients with a sense of humour have a 70% greater chance of survival, and we all know the health benefits of exercise. The power of lifestyle, massage, attitude and yoga should not be underestimated.

Why does a person's head age more quickly? Well one reason is no doubt that it usually gets more sun than the rest of the body so you get wrinkles. But what about the fact that the head and the feet are farthest from the heart, and no doubt gravity plays an even greater part in restricting circulation with respect to the head.

Well add to the above the that people get very stiff and tense in the face, neck and shoulders. This is caused both by thoughts and attitudes but also by work and lifestyle, especially sitting uncomfortably for hours. Well all of this can cut off circulation to the head. That can result in grey hair, balding, wrinkles, depression, skin rashes, tinnitus, blindness and impaired mental function (eventually with age and extreme cases). Because if the blood doesn't flow, your head isn't getting oxygen, immune protection, energy, vitamins and minerals. Just as importantly blood performs toxic waste disposal, and the build up of toxins causes more problems.

Any build up of toxins will be exacerbated by poor diet and constipation.

Generally massage with massage oils will improve local blood flow, relax muscles and improve the skin health and appearance.

Head Massage

As well as massaging the neck and shoulders with massage oils, massaging the scalp, head and face can help release tension which is stored in the muscles, release local toxins and promote better circulation. It is quite possible to maintain a more youthful appearance with commitment. Hair growth, greying and shine can all be improved for the better. Supplements which may help darken hair are mollasses and brewer's yeast. I also like to use flush niacin, taking 100mg and adding 100mg to some pennywort preparation which I rub into my face. This makes my face and body flush as the capillaries dilate. You can only get this active niacin in the US. It is actually very cheap. I assume the authorities are concerned that some may suffer liver damage. The lowest dose to have caused that is 1g. I couldn't take that much. It really is too intense.

Massage Oils

We offer a range of professional massage oils and essential oil blends. Rather than using the flush niacin you can experience the healing benefits of the terpenes in oils like frankincense and eucalyptus.

Immune Boosters

Many herbs boost the Immune system. For example echinacea has been shown to increase white blood celll count, and to improve recovery from upper respiratory infections.

With continued use milk thistle can alleviate the symptoms of food allergies. Probiotics promote healthy bacteria in the gut and can help the body fight yeast infections. Perilla and Coleus forskohlii also balance the immune system to help the body cope with food allergies.

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Kwan Loong Liniment Oil 57ml

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Melrose Massage Oil

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Massage therapy careers can make a great income for you and your family, and they can also be very rewarding.

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