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Hilde Hemmes teaches us how to use juice fasts to clean out our system. Oddly only one study has been done to show that juice fasts remove toxins from the body. One doctor cured himself by fasting. He had the presence of mind to send urine, faeces and toungue scraping to the laboratory, and yes they did show an abnormally elevated level of pesticides and other toxins.

Andrew Tobin's book on prostate disorders is a must read for men who are increasingly at risk of contracting some sort of prostate disorder (benign or cancerous) as they age.

For those who just love staying healthy by taking herbs, Hilde Hemmes books are a storehouse of ancient knowledge.

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United Health Benefits

U.H.B. Represents a 25 year old Nation wide Non Profit Member Association. Where all of the members have the health insurance benefits through a group blanket policy. With nearly 500,000 members nationwide it would be similar to going to work for a large employer who offers you a good benefits package.

Good Chapter

Good Chapter is a user-friendly online bookstore. Our extensive collection contains all your favorite titles new and used. We also offer DVDs, CDs, Games and more at the lowest prices you will find online.

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Hypnosis and hypnotherapy info, books, DVD’s, training, consulting, official hypnosis FAQ, find a hypnotherapy practitioner, hypnosis links

Wild Food

Learn About Foraging with Naturalist Wildman Steve Brill

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