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Glycemic Index

Food processing has brought with it an epidemic of health problems. Refined carbohydrates contain an abnormally high dose of high glycemic index starch and sugars, which elevates blood sugar levels which can result in insulin resistance and diabetes, increasing the risk of heart disease. Refined carbohydrates also have very little nutritional value. Also refined carbohydrates have taken out of them the vitamins, minerals and flavonoids which regulate blood sugar, like chromium, the B vitamins and anthocyanin (the red stuff in grapes).

Morlife Cinnamon Bark Tea 1kg

Morlife Cinnamon Bark Tea 1kg

Retail Price: $43.28
Our Price: $34.19
Morlife Cinnamon Powder 1kg

Morlife Cinnamon Powder 1kg

1kg , 1kg ...25.00% Off!
Morlife Cinnamon Granules 1kg

Morlife Cinnamon Granules 1kg

Retail Price: $51.63
Our Price: $40.79