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Brahmi has been shown in a placebo controlled double blind study to improve memory recall significantly. In other studies learning was accelerated by 70% in some cases.

Valerian has been proven in scientific studies to be as effective as pharmaceuticals in improving sleep with no side effects.

Hypericum (St. John's wort) has been scientifically proven to calm the agitated mind, which can help both sleep and mental function.

Carusos Mega Memory Advanced Tablets

Carusos Mega Memory Advanced Tablets

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Carusos Cnh Anxiety Aid 30t

Carusos Cnh Anxiety Aid 30t

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Morlife Lecithin Granules 1kg

Morlife Lecithin Granules 1kg

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Morlife Raspberry Leaf Powder 1kg

Morlife Raspberry Leaf Powder 1kg

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Morlife Red Bush Rooibos Tea 1kg

Morlife Red Bush Rooibos Tea 1kg

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The Secret Book

Well known life coach Hu Dalconzo shares his experiences and enlightenments from The Secret book. Information and illumination on some of the key points from one of the most influential books of our time.

Yoga While Sleeping

NLP Training Scotland

Solutions in Mind are an NLP Training organisation based in Scotland. They offer Practitioner and Master Practitioner courses accredited through the Society of NLP. has hypnosis tapes and CDs with suggestions to help you manage weight loss, pain, quitting smoking, problems sleeping, and even self-esteem. Also educational mental health videos and books by Jef Gazley, M.S., LMFT about substance abuse, codependency, parental guidance, relationship problems, among other mental health topics.

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Finally a place for spouses to discuss the truth about Alzheimer's Disease and the marital relationship - the hidden secret.

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Bluthochdruck Senken

The lower high blood pressure, on a purely natural way. Levodyn lowers blood pressure effectively and without side effects, thanks to its unique, herbal-based formula. Reach them return to normal blood pressure values and enjoy a long, active life without heart problems.